Welcome to the Co.Co Residence Emma Kate Co!

One thing that we value at Co.Co is our relationships and being surrounded by like minded people.

Like many of us in this crazy industry, we work hard everyday and we need to make sure we have fun along the way...

A lot of you may have heard of the brand Emma Kate Co. who we first stumbled on three and a half years ago, and we knew immediately that she had to be part of our Co.Co collection!

Emma Kate Co. is a beautiful travel-inspired stationary and lifestyle brand, here in Melbourne. The range is simply soul stirring through every brush stroke and detail.

Driving this brand is one of the most sweetest hardworking boss lady making all this magic happen, and that is Emma Kate - Founder + Chief Wild Heart. We haven't met anyone more passionate that lives and breathes what she writes, pouring all heart into everything she does and everyone she meets. 

Emma Kate is a constant jet setter travelling around the world, and through her captures we get to immerse ourselves in her adventures. We were lucky enough to join her in a recent trip to Paris and Florence, and what a liberating adventure that was! (more on this later).

Seeing our customer's emotional connection to her brand in store as they read the words on her beautiful prints or the perfect card, makes us happy as we can see how Emma Kate Co. makes them feel.

Working with Emma Kate Co. through the years has been a delight. We have watched the brand continually evolve and flourish, and it was only natural that our friendship would also grow along the way.

Co.Co has always had the luxury of space behind the walls (although at times we felt we don't have enough!). We had looked at creative ways of filling 'this space' but it was never quite right. 

It's funny how things align...Emma Kate Co. was looking for some change and through many occasions over what we enjoy most - cheese and wine, we thought how perfect and fun it would be if Emma Kate Co. were to be in residence with us! 

So in true Co.Co spirit, what better way to celebrate than to throw an intimate party!

Here's a snippet video from our celebration a few weeks ago beautifully captured by the talented Madeleine Gill.*** 

Let's get a little more up close and personal with Emma Kate...

Coffee or Tea?
Tea first thing in the morning (always) - with a coffee soon after that.
I also fancy champagne!

Colours that I’m loving are….
Deep botanical green, peachy blush and rose gold (especially all together)

3 words to describe my personality….
Grateful. I never take anything for granted.
Authentic. I’m very unapologetically ‘me’. Heart on sleeve, imperfectly raw, messy and real, trying to become the best version of me I can be.
Seeker. Travel obsessed, in love with the world, and perpetually dreaming of new cities places to lose and find myself in.

Happiness is…..
a pink-skied sunrise.
The combination of wine cheese, dear friends to laugh with, and a cobbled street to wander down.
Falling in (and living every day in) love.
Feeling enabled to live a life of complete, unbridled freedom - to live life on my own terms.

If I could get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world I would go to…..
Paris! With you. Oh wait, we are here right now...

Otherwise, I’d go back to Turkey. It’s such an exquisite country of colour, texture, kindness and contrast - a place where beauty and ruin coexist. Turkey is a total assault on the senses. I travelled there solo a very big time of transition in my life, and I remember Turkey with such gratitude and importance. I think there are more lessons waiting for me, when I next return.

My favourite place to shop is….
Co.Co, of course.
And Aesop.
And Zimmermann (but with my eyes, not my wallet)




Back to our party, here's some happy snaps.

EKC in Co.Co Residence 2

Special thanks to our amazing friends from Capi who have supported us on numerous events who brought their goods again, this time also along with 6Ft6 Wine. Adorned in pretty rose petals, together they were a mixing beauty! THANK YOU xxEKC in Co.Co Residence 1EKC in Co.Co Residence 16EKC in Co.Co Residence 17

Of course we had to have a cheese grazing! 

EKC in Co.Co Residence 11EKC in Co.Co Residence 23

We get to see first hand Emma Kate's new collection, sitting perfectly at home in Co.CoEKC in Co.Co Residence 23EKC in Co.Co Residence 21EKC in Co.Co Residence 22EKC in Co.Co Residence 22

Always an impromptu shoot with our friends around @mackandkent

EKC in Co.Co Residence 13EKC in Co.Co Residence 14EKC in Co.Co Residence 15

Here you have Cindy on the left - we all call her our studio 'Sunshine' as her bubbly smile is absolutely contagious, and on the right the talented lady herself, Emma Kate.

Welcome to the Co.Co family and residence Emma Kate Co. We love having you under our roof and being injected with your inspiration everyday.


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Celebrating Megan Hess's first children's book: CLARIS, the chicest mouse in Paris!

Celebrating Megan Hess's first children's book: CLARIS, the chicest mouse in Paris!

When Megan Hess told us she was creating her first children's picture book, you could imagine the excitement and squeals we had (literally in the midst of a cafe).

So when her CLARIS book officially launched in Paris, we just had to continue the celebrations at CO.CO ! 

As always our friends from Noisette spoilt us with beautiful delicacies and totally nailing the brief for all things pink and chic.

It was clear we all got CLARIS's style memo...it was all things pink and chicMG & SJ at Co.Co

We showcased Claris's collection of silk scarves and stylish cushions, available for purchase alsoClaris Collections Co.Co x Claris

Everyone was super excited as they chatted with Megan Hess over bubbles whilst she personally signed their copy of CLARISClaris at Co.CoMelanie Liu with Megan HessCo.Co x Claris Cheyne & Mon at Co.Co for Claris

MG at Co.Co for Claris

It was mainly humans tonight, but our fluffball Lexi just had to represent CLARIS in a powder pink chic tutu and CLARIS silk scarf. Photo courtesy of Megan Hess x

Adorable Mia Grace and Sarah Jane with Megan HessMG & SJ with Megan Hess at Co.CoCo.Co x ClarisCo.Co fam with Megan Hess

Our nights at Co.Co with Megan are special and we were thrilled to be able to host an intimate night to celebrate the launch of CLARIS.

Megan you continue to inspire us and everyone around you, as we can all live vicariously through your stylish world and now, CLARIS's !

We love having you as part of our Co.Co family (and you too Martina).

Lots of love, til next time xo

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Get to know MUSTARD

Get to know MUSTARD

We love uncovering new gems for our store that compliment our range, and we are super excited to introduce you to MUSTARD, who have recently launched their game changing range of lockers in Australia .

MUSTARD was created by twos sisters Becca and Jess who have always dreamed of starting a business together. They didn’t let the fact that Becca lives in Australia and Jess lives in London stop them! Their range is a perfect balance of form and function, designed to add personality to your home, kids room or work space.


We thought you'd like to get to know Becca a little closer....

Coffee or Tea?
Tea. I’m an English girl so that’s a given!

Colours that I’m loving are….
I’ve always loved an earthy palette, I’m naturally drawn to olive green and mustard (of course) but have totally been loving the trend for millennial pink that adds softness and for me, lots of white keeps it versatile.

3 words to describe my personality….
Brave, Happy and hopefully kind… on a good day! :)

Happiness is…..
...being out of my comfort zone. Life has taught me that ‘happiness’ doesn’t always make you feel ‘happy’ but it’s the bigger picture that matters most. Of course my family is my daily dose of love and hugs which makes the bigger picture all worth while.

If I could get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world I would go to…..
India. I first went alone as a 19 year old backpacker, then as a nanny, then with my son when he was two and I long to return. It’s intense, beautiful, colourful, filthy, surprising and magical all at once.

My favourite place to shop is….
My home is a real mix of vintage, new and handmade so often I find my favourite things in vintage stores or markets but I love an online shopping spree in my pjs too!


The MUSTARD range comes in six colours and by now you would have seen beautiful images of these products floating around. 

We were also lucky enough to have Becca and Jess provide us with two samples, the Shorty in Blush and the Skinny in White at co.co for you to view in person. 

Shorty Blush at coco  Shorty Blush Skinny White at coco

The range will be arriving in boutique retail stores in June and are available for pre order through our website and instore.

The first drop is limited stock, and you can pre order yours here.


Shorty Range


Shorty Olive and Blush

Shorty Blush Styled  

Skinny Range


Skinny Blush  Skinny Inside

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Book signing at Co.Co with Megan Hess

Book signing at Co.Co with Megan Hess

A night at Co.Co with renowned fashion illustrator Megan Hess

We were so thrilled to welcome Megan back to Co.Co three years in a row, this year for the continuous launch of her new book New York: Through A Fashion Eye.


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CO.CO; a colourful collection of people, personalities + products. We want to be your lifestyle confetti! At CO.CO you are always celebrated in our home xo

We are super excited to announce the launch of CO.CO, our new name, new look but same us!

This is the next exciting chapter of our small little business and we have been bursting to share this with you.

We would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for all your ongoing love + support, we feel extremely humble and hope you will love CO.CO as much as we do!

To celebrate our new look we just had to throw a celebration bash in CO.CO style in co.llab with our friends at LENZO !


Thank you One Heart Studios for capturing all the colour and fun! 

Here's some happy snaps xo

CoCo Launch 1CoCo Launch 6CoCo Launch 13CoCo Launch 14CoCo Launch 2CoCo Launch 3CoCo Launch 5CoCo Launch 7CoCo Launch 8CoCo Launch 14CoCo Launch 15CoCo launch 10CoCo Launch 12CoCo launch 11CoCo Launch 17

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