Get to know MUSTARD

We love uncovering new gems for our store that compliment our range, and we are super excited to introduce you to MUSTARD, who have recently launched their game changing range of lockers in Australia .

MUSTARD was created by twos sisters Becca and Jess who have always dreamed of starting a business together. They didn’t let the fact that Becca lives in Australia and Jess lives in London stop them! Their range is a perfect balance of form and function, designed to add personality to your home, kids room or work space.


We thought you'd like to get to know Becca a little closer....

Coffee or Tea?
Tea. I’m an English girl so that’s a given!

Colours that I’m loving are….
I’ve always loved an earthy palette, I’m naturally drawn to olive green and mustard (of course) but have totally been loving the trend for millennial pink that adds softness and for me, lots of white keeps it versatile.

3 words to describe my personality….
Brave, Happy and hopefully kind… on a good day! :)

Happiness is…..
...being out of my comfort zone. Life has taught me that ‘happiness’ doesn’t always make you feel ‘happy’ but it’s the bigger picture that matters most. Of course my family is my daily dose of love and hugs which makes the bigger picture all worth while.

If I could get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world I would go to…..
India. I first went alone as a 19 year old backpacker, then as a nanny, then with my son when he was two and I long to return. It’s intense, beautiful, colourful, filthy, surprising and magical all at once.

My favourite place to shop is….
My home is a real mix of vintage, new and handmade so often I find my favourite things in vintage stores or markets but I love an online shopping spree in my pjs too!


The MUSTARD range comes in six colours and by now you would have seen beautiful images of these products floating around. 

We were also lucky enough to have Becca and Jess provide us with two samples, the Shorty in Blush and the Skinny in White at for you to view in person. 

Shorty Blush at coco  Shorty Blush Skinny White at coco

The range will be arriving in boutique retail stores in June and are available for pre order through our website and instore.

The first drop is limited stock, and you can pre order yours here.


Shorty Range


Shorty Olive and Blush

Shorty Blush Styled  

Skinny Range


Skinny Blush  Skinny Inside